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Kosher Food Ideas from LIFE The Place To Be

Kosher food it’s not the first thing that comes to mind for most people when you say party. However, when it comes to a Bar Mitzvah celebration, it is impossible to imagine anything different from Kosher. For some, this concept translates into limitations and restrictions, but the truth is that within the biblical diet restrictions known as Kashrut rules, there’s still plenty to work with in terms of creativity and imagination, which means you can follow the rules and still come up with amazing dishes to wow your guests.

When it comes to Kosher, the main rule you need to take into account is making sure to separate the meat and the dairy products that can’t be consumed between 3 to 6 hours of difference. Then, keep in mind that Kosher food does not include any seafood or pork, additionally, all red meat has to be certified Kosher meat.

Since parve articles do not contain any meat or dairy, they can be consumed with both elements. And depending on what time of the day you’re planning to celebrate the Bar Mitzvah, the menu options might change. For example, for a lunch or light oneg after the Shabbat service, a buffet of appetizers and lunch products without meat is ideal. Include flat breads with bruschetta and beans with olives, eggs filled mini potato latkes with apple or mango sauce, cheese and salty crackers.

But your lunch ideas can go further if for example the guest of honor is a foodie and enjoys other kinds of food, like Asian food, for example. Some Kosher products from Asian cuisine include cream cheese wonton and vapor cook soy beans grilled polenta bites that can be served with tomato sauce for a quick snack, wonton and soy cheese. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a variety of salads to choose, even if it’s just a fruit salad a Caesar salad and a roasted veggies salad.

If you prefer to host the celebration at dinner time, you must choose between meat and dairy. If you choose one, the other option must be discarded. Although everything has to be Kosher certified, you can still explore dishes from all over the world. For example, from Asia, you can feature sushi rolls and sashimi, soy cheese, spring rolls with mango chutney and soy sauce if you adapt the dishes to Kosher dietary restrictions. From Mexico, try quesadillas and enchiladas and a variety of beans and sauces, or fish tacos, since fish are allowed in the Kashrut rules.

Also, burgers and kosher hot dogs can be a hit with the kids as long as you don’t combine them with any dairy product. For side dishes think of mini fries, potato salad without milk,  or if you prefer, you can go all the way with a buffet styled meat bar with bbq and salad stations without any dairy product.

For dessert, the easiest way to go is to put together a desserts table, just remember that if you served meat, your desserts can’t have dairy. Try mini cakes without milk or fruit fondue, Kosher  marshmallows, coconut ice cream, pretzels, biscuits and crackers are great options too.

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