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Valentine’ Day Parties and Gifts Spread The Love

By Stacey Pfeffer

Writing out Valentine’s Day cards to classmates is practically a rite of passage amongst the elementary school set. In fact, both my school-aged kids actually have this as a school assignment. But why not kick it up a notch though and host a Valentine’s day-themed party for your little one’s best pals?

Inspiring Ideas for Valentine’s Day Parties

Activities can range from creating your own chocolate Valentine-themed treat to jewelry making. Many of the vendors on Booked Parties have all you need to make your Valentine’s Day party a big hit. Mamaroneck-based business Chocolations is just one example of a perfect venue for a Valentine’s Day-themed bash. Kids get a chance to be junior chocolatiers and make their own custom chocolate bars. And if that wasn’t enough sweetness for your little ones, they also get to design their own cupcakes. Pure decadence!

The Art Truck is a great choice if you have a mini Picasso on your hands. They have many different party packages available, and you can tailor their themed art projects to your fit your party needs. The Art Truck comes to your house with all their supplies. Guests can take their treasures home and best of all no clean-up for the host.

If you have a budding fashionista, a party with Beadz is guaranteed fun. Children get a chance to make their own bracelets, earrings, necklaces or keychains. They bring all the supplies to you and the Bead Squad is on hand to help so you can sit back and enjoy watching your kids get creative. 

If you don’t have the time to arrange a party, there is a multitude of ways to make your child’s Valentine’s Day unforgettable with one-of-a kind gifts. In fact, consumer spending on Valentine’s Day has risen in the past few years with almost $20 billion spent last year and parents spent on average $28 on Valentine’s Day gifts for their children. One-third of parents also chose to do their shopping online and most of them do it only two weeks before the holiday so if you are a procrastinator, its not too late!

Sweets still reign supreme on Valentine’s Day with 1 in 2 Americans purchasing candy and 58 million pounds of chocolate purchased the week of Valentine’s Day. Chocolations owner Maria Valente has seen a steady stream of customers to her shop this month and many are looking for something extra special that will last beyond Valentine’s Day. Right now she’s making a chocolate tea set for a customer going to a Valentine’s Day tea party. Her shop also features some beautiful boxes that once the chocolate is consumed, the lucky recipient is left with a lovely jewelry box, or one that fits a wine or a champagne bottle with a dozen truffles.

Whether you are spending the day with your significant other or friends.. we wish you a day filled with love- because who couldn’t use a little more love?

Stacey Pfeffer lives with her three young children and husband in Chappaqua. All of them will get Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Her articles have been featured in NY Family Magazine, Westchester Parent, Inside Chappaqua and Westchester Family Magazine.

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