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How To Throw The Best Basketball Themed B’day Party For Your Little MVP

If your tiny MVP is a huge basketball fan, consider throwing them a courtside b-ball birthday party. Read on for some tips and tricks recommended by to make your child’s birthday party celebration a slam dunk

How to Throw the Best Basketball Themed B-day Party for Your Little MVP

Whether your child is a fan of the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls, or Knicks, you can easily throw your little sports enthusiast a fun basketball themed birthday party. All it takes is a little party planning and a whole lot of creativity.

The Invitations:

Download one of these invitation templates or have your child help you put together crafty invitations to get ready to hit the court. You can cut the shape of a basketball out of orange construction paper, draw the black lines and write all the party details on the back. You can also make a personalized invitation by printing a picture of your child wearing their favorite team jersey and writing all the party details on the back of the picture.

The Location and Games:

Though it is not imperative, it is always a good idea to throw a sports themed party outdoors. If you have a basketball hoop in your backyard, then you’re already set. If you do not have one head to a local park that has a basketball court. With an outdoor party, you are giving your little guests an opportunity to get off the bench and on their feet. Try some of these fun basketball games and drills. They are sure to rack up the fun points!

If you plan to have very young children at your basketball themed shindig, consider purchasing a tiny basketball set instead of larger set that is appropriate for older and taller children. Make sure you have plenty of basketball themed prizes to give out to the winners of the drills and games such as whistles or sweat bands.

The Grub and Decorations:

Naturally, at a basketball themed party, you will want some basketball themed sweet treats. Make Nutter Butter referees, popcorn and basketball Oreo pops or Team trail mix. You can mix together all different types of candies and cereals to make a trail mix that represents the colors of your child’s favorite team. For example, red and black colored cereals and candies could represent the Chicago Bulls.

The yummy treats will keep the team energized and satisfied. Let’s not forget that you will also need to feed the team a meal that is made for the pros. You can serve burgers or hotdogs.

A basketball themed party without a themed cake is a foul! Of course one way to go is to hire a professional cake artist to make an amazing 3D cake. Or try out this super cute DIY basketball cake kit for a more budget friendly solution. You and the birthday boy or girl can make this cake together and have a blast while doing it.

Lastly, you will want to decorate your party location to the nines with basketball themed décor. Keep your child’s favorite team in mind and use the colors of that team to inspire the color of the tablecloths, cutlery, streamers, and banners. You can add basketball plates, orange circle table cloths with black streamers glued on to create a basketball and transform cups into hoops with the help of paper and marker.

Invite your guests to wear their jerseys to your bash. If some of your guests don’t have jerseys, then equip them with some duds by putting out plain white tee shirts with fabric markers. This will allow them to make their own jerseys.

Relax and shoot for an unforgettable party for your pint-sized MVP. Follow the tips above to get you on the road to victory, so you can bring home the win!

About the author:

Judit and Rita are the founder of, a DIY cake kit company dedicated to inspiring and facilitating unforgettable cake fun, through simple designs that are a joy for parent and child alike. Cakest cake kits include all ingredients, tools and step-by step instructions to help you make the ultimate birthday fondant cake on your own.

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