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There’s a New Party In Town: Chit Chat With Andrew Schiffman of Studio56

Meet Andrew Schiffman, owner of Studio56, a fast paced high intensity group workout studio in Bedford Hills, providing a daily programming schedule for adults as well as fun-filled gaga style birthday parties and camps and programming for kids too!

Read on to learn more about this new Westchester business:

Q-When did you launch the business?

A-We launched the business in November 2017

Q- What was your inspiration?

Growing up across the pond in London, I was definitely into endurance sports like soccer, swimming and tennis. In 2011 I started running. After competing in a few local races I fell in love with sport. Within my first year I ran 3 marathons, ultra distance relay races, Spartans and many more. Like any athlete I wanted more, to be stronger, faster and recover quicker. I found CrossFit through friends and was instantly hooked. The definition of CrossFit, constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity summed it up perfectly and the next fitness chapter of my life began. To be able to learn and pass the knowledge to other athletes is extremely rewarding. CrossFit makes the impossible possible, is the foundation of a community and is a way of life.

I opened Studio 56 to offer the best of both worlds, high intensity, light weight, group workouts.  The space is great! Our kids have been going to parties for years and recently started playing Gaga at summer camp and at their school. My wife came up with the idea of using the Studio for Gaga birthday parties. After doing some research, we noticed there was no Gaga gyms in the area so we decided to go for it.

Q- Tell us a little about your parties-what makes them unique/keeps the kids engaged?

A- The parties are great. We offer 90 minutes of fun! We structure the parties with various Gaga games so there is no time to get restless. The kids want more and more. I am also a certified CrossFit Kids Trainer, so I throw in various other games like medball basketball or tic tac toe relay races.


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