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The Perfect Birthday Bash: Unicorn Style

What girl doesn’t want a gorgeous unicorn party!  But what girl wants her unicorn party to look like one she’s already been at? 

At Simply Shira Parties no two unicorn parties are the same! We’ve had so much fun designing a Unicorn Princess Party for a special 5 year old and one of our favorites, Boho Unicorn. Of course, we have a traditional elegant creation as well. 

For our Boho Unicorn Bash, we wanted to match the sweets table to a beautiful farm. We stuck with earthy tones and threw in some light pink to make sure the birthday girl would swoon. By a stroke of luck (we aren’t sure if it was good or bad luck) the rain started as we were setting up so we kept our desserts under an awning. It was a beautiful contrast to the packed farmers market. We added dream catchers to mini donuts that were an absolute delight.

Our signature candy boxes were stuffed with the party girl’s favorite treat– sour gummies.  Candy boxes are an amazing way to put some personal touches on your sweets and treat table by adding custom tags which can make them look like a million bucks!

Oh, and guess what — we surprised the little lady with a Unicorn explosion cake!

Here’s a tip to make your unicorn party shine — marshmallow pops are an affordable alternative to cake pops. It’s easy to customize and they are so easy to grab and enjoy. 

And, another special touch we love, are candy necklaces. They are so much fun to wear (and eat of course).

We have never seen a candy table with NOTHING left over!

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