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Support Birthday Wishes During The Summer Months!

For many non profit organizations, Summer is a quiet month.  Take a look at recent communications from Lisa Vasiloff, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Birthday Wishes and find out how you can plan to support and get involved with this wonderful organization.  

Summer is upon us – and that means school breaks and family vacations! It also means a slow donation time here at Birthday Wishes since many of our supporters are school groups and families. And as you know, birthdays happen all year-round.

Birthday Wishes expects more than 7,500 children to attend our birthday parties during the months of June, July, and August. Our wonderful volunteer Party Coordinators and Birthday Box builders in all our offices will need lots of party supplies such as:

Unisex Birthday Wrapping Paper
Cake Mix
Toddler Toys (1-2yrs.)
Teen Gifts

To support a regional office you can either schedule a donation drop-off here or donate directly to a specific party through our party schedule. Our party schedule  is updated within the first week of each month based on the birthday celebrants in the shelters.

The summer months are also a great opportunity for our PCs to host outdoor activities at the shelter. Donations of bubble wands, beach balls, sidewalk chalk, nerf balls and jump ropes are among some of the kids’ favorites and will be accepted at all our office locations.

Other ways to help include:

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