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My daughter loves receiving mail and what better way to surprise her than with a subscription box from Little Passports.  I love the idea of working on this fun activity together while learning a little more about the world around us–from customs and traditions, to geography and map skills.  

We received the first package in the mail the other day which included a miniature suitcase full of fun and exciting projects.  There are a couple of different subscription options–Early Explorers for 3-5 year olds, The World Edition for 6-10 year olds and the USA Edition for 7-12 year olds ranging in price from $11.95-$15.95 a month plus shipping.  My daughter is nearly 8 so we decided on the World Edition. 


The suitcase included an introductory welcome letter from Sofia and Sam, our travel guides and everything we needed to take a virtual tour of the world with them.  The contents included:

  • A large map of the world
  • A picture of Sofia and Sam on their GPS enabled scooter
  • A world passport for children to update with their personal information and to keep track of countries we have traveled to. 
  • A “Hello” from around the world sheet showing children how to greet people from different countries, an activity sheet on which animals live in different continents and an introduction to flags from around the world. 
  • A Boarding Pass which provides login information to the Little Passports website for extra games, activities and fun!


My daughter couldn’t wait to get started and we spent the most part of the weekend completing the activities and playing the games online.  We hung the map of the world up on her bedroom wall and she is excited to start plotting Sofia and Sam’s travels.  

With affordable subscription options  I love the idea of gifting this interactive experience as a birthday present to my children or as a group birthday gift to one of my child’s friends.

For more information please visit Little Passports 




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