Snap’t is a line of accessories for girls that is built upon a patent pending snap system. The party starts with a base piece (choker, bracelet, headbands, etc.) continues with fun layering pieces (tassels, pom poms, feathers - you get the point) and is topped off with a cool snap. Snap’t is about expressing yourself, every day of the week and every hour of the day. It’s about having the freedom to change your style whenever you please. And it’s about having fun – lots of fun. Feeling a bit feisty on Monday morning? Time to rock a skull-and-crossbones necklace. Mellowed out by the afternoon? Just add a peace sign and you’re good to go. At Snap’t, we believe in mixing things up, piling things on and always showing the world just what makes you funny, spicy, sensitive, moody, crazy, flirty, peace-loving and punk rock. What makes you an individual? What makes you Snap’t?