Auburn Jewelry

Samantha Auburn Levine launched Auburn Jewelry, her line of beautiful handcrafted jewelry, in 2012. Her passion for jewelry making blossomed back in high school while taking a jewelry and metals class, and she hasn’t stopped since! Samantha attended Skidmore College where she minored in Jewelry and Metals and then went on to graduate from law school. She launched Auburn Jewelry while still in law school and since graduation has been handcrafting and designing jewelry full time. Auburn Jewelry offers a unique line of gorgeous sterling silver, 14K gold, and enamel pieces. Each piece is individually crafted by hand with superior quality. Samantha’s line has even expanded into custom pieces for both men and women. Auburn Jewelry offers pendants, necklaces, rings, earrings, bag charms, keychains, cufflinks, wine charms and bracelets.