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We all strive to teach our children responsibility, compassion and to help others in times of need and what better time to do this than on your child’s birthday.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Rebecca Schleifer, a local Westchester mom and founder of Share Your Wish— a birthday party invitation website that helps guests donate to one or more charities of the birthday child’s choosing. Read on to find out more about this wonderful organization:

“Share Your Wish was created four years ago when we were in the process of planning our, then almost, four-year-old’s birthday party. The guest list was growing, which meant the amounts of gifts would be excessive. Our playroom already looked like a toy store and our children played with the same few things. My husband and I brainstormed ways to keep people from coming with gifts and ways they can give to charity instead. As we talked we realized we had an incredible idea! At this moment, Share Your Wish was born.”


“We have developed a website that will allow children to learn the value of helping others while also being able to select gifts that have more importance to them. Fewer gifts, more meaning.

Our goal is to “teach,share, and inspire’ youngsters to learn the importance of giving back to others.

We as parents know that teaching children to help others truly starts at home. We hope our site opens conversations with our youngsters about valuing the things they have, helping others, and the true meaning of birthdays.”

Please visit their website for additional information.

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