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Scattered Books Joins Booked Marketplace


Booked Market Place launches this Summer on the Booked Parties website and will provide a place for local merchants and businesses in Westchester, Fairfield County and NYC to sell birthday gifts and party related items.  Parents and visitors to the site will be able to shop from birthday “wish- lists” while supporting businesses within their local communities. 

As we gear up to launch, we plan to provide you with a weekly sneak peek of the stores who have signed up for the Market Place. We are beyond excited as we develop the Booked Parties website into a one stop shop and seamless planning tool for all of your party needs.

The first business we want to introduce is a new addition to Chappaqua, Scattered Books–read on to find out more about their amazing business!!

Scattered Books is a quaint family bookstore and so much more. It carries new releases, multiple genres of books for kids and adults and proudly selects it’s own eclectic staff picks. Beyond the nice cross-section of both fiction and non-fiction, Scattered Books prides itself on being an integral part of the community, mirroring its warmth and personality. To that end, the store offers author signings, special events, fundraising opportunities, space rental, and, of course, unique fun parties and an array of party favor options.


A Scattered Books party experience includes awesome creative activities such as write-a-book, trendy collage journals, store scavenger hunts and more, against a colorful book backdrop with lots of room for family to relax. Kids love the cool Scattered Books party favors created just for their occasion and the birthday child always gets a special gift! The store creates eclectic gift sets and adorable baskets for all ages and reading preferences, from princesses to sports to Harry Potter. Scattered Books care packages have recently been introduced as a trendy ready-to-mail gift for campers, students and far-away friends. You will always find thoughtful gifts and favors on the Booked Parties Marketplace.


Scattered Books gifts are not just for kids. The store creates tailored literary baskets for all – spouse, parent, grandparent, teacher, client, new parent, friend, or colleague.

How did Scattered Books come to be? Through an idea by author Laura Schaefer, who has both a business and creative background, to create something special and different – a haven for all who want to read, learn, give, celebrate, relax and be inspired. With support from her husband Kenny, faith from her parents and inspiration from her incredible children, the idea grew wings. It took flight within a community and found a home. Bookstores are back! – @scatteredbooks

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