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My daughter has been begging us for a puppy for the past year, so what better way to test the waters than with a puppy party for her 8th birthday party celebration.  After feasting on pizza and adorable puppy cupcakes created by Chef Laura of Chappaqua, Paradise Puppies, a pet store based out of Brooklyn arrived at the house with 8 adorable puppies.  (They recommend one puppy for every two children so party guests have plenty of interaction and cuddle time).The adorable fluff balls were all between two and four months old and included Shih Tzus, Maltese, Yorkies, Poodles and Pomeranians. After going over a few rules on how to properly care for the dogs, the puppies and girls were eager to get the party started..and let the fun began.

The one hour party was broken into four parts;

1. Cuddle time and naming the puppy

2. Toy time

3. Feeding the dogs vitamins (led by the birthday girl herself)

4. Dress Up 

The party was filled with squeals of joy, laughter and puppy love and to quote my daughter, “It was the best party ever!”  The girls were sad to say goodbye to the puppies but I am sure I see another puppy party in our future.  

A Westchester Puppy Package includes four dogs for a one hour party and costs $350.  Each additional puppy costs $35.  

Paradise Puppies









1. Cupcakes by Chef Laura of Chappaqua

2. Invitations by Delivered by Danielle.  

3. Soap and Lip Solve Party Favors by Kensico Soap Bar

4. Molds for Soaps


  • This is an amazing idea! I had no idea this existed!!! Thank you for sharing!

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