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Popular by Lauren & Jen Joins Booked Marketplace

We are very excited to welcome the fabulous Popular by Lauren & Jen to Booked Marketplace!

Popular has been years in the making – Lauren and Jen are sisters who have always had a ‘passion for fashion!’ As little girls growing up on Long Island in the 80s, Lauren & Jen always played store or were busy creating clothing for their Barbie’s, creating outfits and accessories from scraps of material, ribbons, tissues, markers and tape. They also collected stickers like Lisa Franks, Toots, Scratch & Sniffs and Presto Changers (many of which are once again in stores today). They loved following the latest fashion trends, playing dress up, and wearing neon clothes, splatter paint, and rhinestones on their Keds. Today, with their own line, they recreate some of these fashion trends for kids everywhere but in a hip, modern way. Your children will love Popular’s stylish and comfortable designs, perfect for girls and boys! Their site features everything from clothing, to jewelry, to sleepover duffles, bags and picture frames for everyday and for camp –all handmade by Lauren & Jen. If you want a more customized look, Popular can easily personalize clothing and accessories for your kids! 


Not only does Popular offer great items for your kids, they support the community as well. Both Lauren and Jen work in the health care field. Jen is an Oncology Social Worker and Psychotherapist who counsels women with breast cancer and other health issues. Lauren is the Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations at the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in NYC. They both have a great interest in supporting breast cancer research and donate a portion of Popular’s proceeds to various breast cancer charities.

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Booked Parties is happy support this wonderful local business and their support of breast cancer research.

Stay tuned for more information about Booked Marketplace.

Click here for more information about Popular by Lauren & Jen.

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