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Planning A Perfect Celebration!

The birthday, the first communion or any school achievement can be a good reason to throw a party for your child, but it can be hard to know how to prepare for the celebration- how many guests to invite, where to host the event.

Throwing a party where you children are the protagonists is a big event you should prepare in advance. Don’t forget to tell them all the steps of the party so the nerves won’t ruin the celebration for them.

The Guests.
The amount of guests in the party depends on the age of your children, the space you have, if your children goes to school, the amount of siblings he or she has and how many of their friends you want to invite. First of all, remember that this party is made for their enjoyment not yours. Let them decide which friends to invite but set a limit number, between 8 and 10 can be good, if you’re hosting the party on your own and want to keep things under control, and organize games in which everyone can participate.

If they are too small and go to kindergarten, ask their teachers which friends they play with the most. After 4 years old they can easily made the list for themselves. If they don’t go to school invite the friends who they play the most with at the park or some of your friends with children the same age.

The Invitations.
You can buy invitations and just fill them with your event information. A good way to involve the children in the process is to make them do the invitations, you can buy colored cardboard and print some characters they like on it, whether it be Disney characters, cartoons, soccer players, or comics, etc. You can bend the cardboard in half and stick some of those motives on each side; you can fill the spaces with some colors and don’t forget the most important message: “you are invited to my party”. Fill the inside with all the information: place of the celebration, date, time, directions and your phone number and email address in case the parents of the other children want to be in contact with you with any questions. Don’t forget to ask the parents if any of the children have allergies or special conditions.

The Snacks.
Make an adequate menu for the kids, the secret is to make the dishes in a uncommon, playful and attractive presentation for the children. And if they are teens, you can ask them to help you with the setting, also you can ask for ideas for the dishes or how to decorate the home made cake.

Where to celebrate.
Till the 4 years old, the best thing to do is to set the party at home, the children will be comfortable and you will have the chance to organize games and have everything under better control, after that age you can choose between more options.

If you choose to do it outside, parks, zoo, aquariums and farms are pretty good options.

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