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Organizing Art Work with Doublevision Photographers

Do you find yourself inundated with your children’s art work and papers at the end of each school year? Over the years, I have gathered their masterpieces in plastic bins and have every intention of organizing their work and compiling books for them, but like many things (like their baby books) this too has fallen by the wayside. For the most part, I don’t have the heart to throw their creations out (although the occasional piece does find it’s way into the trash).  

I was so excited to hear about a service Doublevision Photographers provides–they offer a fun and easy way of storing and displaying your child’s art work with a custom, hardcover bound art book exhibiting your child’s favorite pieces.  You can choose from an 8.5 by 11, or a 10 by 13 book.  Here’s how we got organized:

One rainy afternoon, my daughter and I decided to delve into her art box and select her favorite pieces.  It was a tough decision as there were over one hundred paintings, but we narrowed it down to 30 pieces.

DSC02374 copy

We selected pieces from Kindergarten to Second Grade and put them into order of how we wanted the art work displayed within the book.  She also decided which pieces to feature on the front and back covers.

DSC02377 DSC02378

We then worked together to create a short bio –an “About The Author” for the inside flap of the book.  After delivering the pieces to Carolyn, the owner of Doublevision Photographers, she provided us with a digital preview of the book for our approval before going to print. 

My daughter was so excited to receive her finished book a few weeks later. This beautiful book makes for a unique birthday or holiday gift for the grandparents.  For more information and to order your art book or picture please click here.



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