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Navigating The Birthday Party Scene When Your Child has Allergies

When your child has food allergies, you quickly learn to read the labels on EVERYTHING. You become the parent who asks a million questions because your child’s health depends on it. And while living in an allergy household is challenging, it’s definitely easier to manage in your own home. Sending your child out in the world to school, play dates and birthday parties can make even the most thorough parent a panicky mess.

Here at Booked Parties, we want every child at the birthday party to have an amazing time. After doing a bit of research, we’ve compiled 4 tips for allergy parents to breathe easier when they are dropping their child off at a party.

First, Take a Deep Breath
You got this. You and your child know the drill and he/she has everything they need in case of an emergency (Epi-Pen, Benadryl, emergency contact info left with host). Try your best to remember this is a fun event for your child. You don’t want any anxiety you might be harboring to take over.

Chat w/ Host Before Party
Definitely let the host know prior to the party that your child has allergies. A few questions you’ll want to ask: what are the cake ingredients? What foods will be at the party? If the host will be giving out party favors, please ask that any food items be left out of your child’s bag. A typed sheet with all the specifics (list of foods to avoid, signs to look for if a reaction does take place, emergency contact info, etc) is great to have handy so you can share with the host when you drop off your child.

Bring Your Own Food
This is a no-brainer, but here’s an idea so that your child doesn’t stand out too much as a result. Investigate what food will be served at the party beforehand, and try and match what you bring to the menu as much as possible. Depending on the severity of your child’s condition, you may also want to skip the food portion of the event altogether.

Remind Your Child to Kindly Turn Down Treats
It’s never too early to teach your child, “Thanks, but no thanks.” Even is the cake is peanut-free, it’s still possible that a spoon used to stir the ingredients has residue from other foods that are unsafe for your child. It’s just not worth taking the risk.

Now that you’ve made it through this check list, go back to #1 again! We hope your child has a great time at their friend’s party.

Ellen Schmidt lives with her two adorable young girls and husband in NYC.  The talented creator of the popular blog, “Baby Meets City“, this mom-preneur and supermom is also a freelance writer, social media consultant and brand ambassador.  

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