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The Montage: Chit Chat with Lauren Lucht

A Montage provides a keepsake, a collection of memories, sometimes using both video and photographs that families will cherish forever.  

We recently caught up with local Westchester mom, Lauren Lucht, the creator of Montage Mommy- a business she created a few years ago to capture photo and video of the guest of honor at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera, Sweet Sixteen and everything in-between.  

Q- How did Montage Mommy come about?

A- I started my business two years ago. I was taking a trip with a friend and she was stressing about her son’s Bar Mitzvah Montage. The person who was creating it for her was putting too many demands and deadlines on herself and it was becoming an upsetting experience rather than a celebration. I have done many montages – just for fun – in the past and because I was going to the Bar Mitzvah as a guest I offered to make it for her as my gift and take the stress off of her. She immediately agreed and we had a great time making it together. Other guests at the party liked the montage and asked me to make one for them. Thus… MONTAGE MOMMY came about.

Q- What was your most cherished business moment since you launched?

A- I think my most cherished business moment was when a “random” client – not a friend – reached out to ask me to create her Grandmother’s 100th birthday montage. It was a lot of work and all of our interactions and picture sharing was done remotely. But, it was exciting to move beyond my inner circle. I felt like it was a “real” business now.

Q- How can clients prepare for their Montage?

A- Most people send me anywhere from 75-150 pictures. I try to recommend about 100 photos to create a montage that’s just under 10 minutes. Obviously the more photos there are, the longer the montage will be. Recently, a client sent over 200 pictures. We had to get very creative and work on publishing a montage that was not going to run too long. I got it down to 11 and a half minutes – I was very proud of that! As for the music, it completely depends on the client. Some people come to me with a complete list of the songs they want and when they want them played. Others have asked me to make the decision. On occasion I have to steer a client away from a song that they requested. Not all songs work well with moving pictures or specific themes in a montage. But in the end, the client has the final say – it’s THEIR project after all.

Q- What is the process that you go through with the family?

A- After first contact, my clients and I speak about what kind of montage they would like. Whether it might have a theme, what kind of order the photos should be in, if there are any video clips to add, etc.. Next the photos are sent to me (either by flash drive or dropbox or sometimes email). After a first look at all the photos I usually reach out to offer my opinion on how to categorize the pictures. Next we talk about music. After that it’s really just a process of drafts and editing until it’s perfect.

Reach out to Montage Mommy through the Booked Parties website and receive a discount on your order. 


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