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Mini Movers & Shakers – The Israel Tennis Center Foundation Mitzvah Project

There’s nothing Booked Parties loves more than supporting the creative, energetic spirit of entrepreneurs. Recently, we are finding inspiration by setting our sights a bit lower…literally. A new crop of entrepreneurs are on the rise, but you won’t find them running their businesses between the hours of 9am to 3pm when school is in session. Gone are the days of paper boys and lemonade stands. Today’s young business owners are savvy beyond belief, successfully identifying niche business models and leveraging the power of social media in a manner that’s so natural to them, it’s staggering to us grown-ups. The children are clearly ready to lead the future.

Spotlight On: The Israel Tennis Center Foundation Mitzvah Project

In preparation for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah, 12-year old Samantha Nemeroff didn’t have to look far for inspiration. As a member of an avid family of tennis players, she knew that she wanted to do something to bring tennis to more children’s lives. Samantha decided to partner with the Israel Tennis Centers Foundation (ITCF) to support their 14 centers located throughout Israel, many of them in underprivileged neighborhoods, providing disadvantaged children with a safe, structured and nurturing environment. Samantha is motivating her community to support the philanthropy by extending their backhands, forehands and helping hands.

We sat down with this young philanthropist to learn more.

What made you decide to work with The Israel Tennis Centers Foundation (ITCF) for your Mitzvah project?

I partnered with the Israel Tennis Centers Foundation because I wanted to bring tennis to kids who couldn’t afford it and help them become better players. This organization accomplishes both of those goals. It is an amazing charity that has helped so many kids learn to play tennis and become stronger players. Also, I like that they awards gifts to children based on the donated dollar increment.

Why tennis?

Tennis plays a huge role in my life. I have been playing tennis since I was five years old. Both my parents played tennis throughout their lives and that’s how they met! It’s become a family-wide game that we all enjoy playing.

How does the donation process work?

The donation process is easy. Anyone who would like to donate goes to the organization’s website, presses the “donate” button, enters the amount they wish to contribute and the money goes straight the ITCF’s office in Israel. By promoting on my social media handles and my mom’s, I have collected over 45 gently used tennis rackets that I will bring to the ITCF’s summer event on June 2nd in Scarsdale.

How do you balance your philanthropic work with all of the other activities involved in just being a kid?

Most of my charity work is done on the weekends, while many of my other activities are during the week. I am pretty good with balancing my time, but sometimes there’s some overlap.

What advice can you give other kids looking to become “mini movers & shakers”?

Pick an organization or a hobby that you are really interested in and try to broadcast it as much as you can. Have fun with the project and don’t be worried about the amount of money you have raised because every penny counts.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to continue with my love for tennis and become a professional tennis player and hopefully make it all the way to the U. S. Open!

Shauna Levy is a writer, communications professional and a stay-at-home mom.  Her interests include flaunting her discount shopping finds, cooking food her children reject and restoring her 125-year old home.  She is currently raising three boys, ages 9, 6 and 5 alongside her husband in Chappaqua, NY. 

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