Booked Parties

Merchant Guidelines

Welcome to Booked Marketplace

We are thrilled to welcome you as one of our Merchants on Booked Marketplace!

Here’s How It Works

Booked Marketplace is a fluid extension of the Booked Parties website, providing parents with a one stop shop for birthday gifts and party related items.

  • The shop will have the same look and feel of the Booked Parties website.
  • Each Merchant will have a “storefront” within the marketplace to sell birthday gifts, party favors and other party related items specific to the 1-16 age range.
  • Shortly after launch, we will implement a centralized “wish list” system where parents/children will have the ability to select items from merchants participating in Booked Marketplace. These wish lists can also be shared via email or through social media.
  • Merchants will have the ability to quickly and easily upload items they want to sell within the market place.
  • Customers will be able to search the Marketplace or they can shop by individual storefront. We will implement a filter within each storefront at a later date.
  • Booked Marketplace will provide a seamless e-commerce site by allowing customers to complete their purchase as one single transaction.
  • Each Merchant will be able to log in to view sales reports and make any modifications necessary to their “storefront”.

Getting Started

Setting Up Your Storefront

Please refer to your Merchant Handbook for details on setting up your customized storefront. Booked Parties is here to help too, so please let us know if we can be of any assistance. If you are in need of product shots we can help with that too (please note that additional fees apply)


We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible and we therefore expect all items that are in stock to ship within 48 hours of order receipt. This excludes custom-made or made to order items.

Adding Products

You will be responsible for uploading items you wish to sell to the Booked Parties website. Information required for your storefront includes:

  1. A description of the for sale items including: item name, item number, product dimensions and weight, features, specification, country of origin and warranty information (if applicable)
  2. Pricing information
  3. Imaging: Images should be a square with a minimum of 360 by 360 pixels and each file must be under 3MB in size (500KB is ideal). White or transparent backgrounds are preferred and must be in one of the following formats: jpeg or tif files. If your existing images are not square, please create white space around the image to make it so.
  4. Applicable tax filter for each product


It is your sole responsibility as the merchant to make sure that you have an inventory of items you are listing for sale on the Booked Parties website and that you have the rights and sign off from businesses to sell these products on the Booked Parties website. If there are backorder dates, or discontinuations, please note this within your storefront so we can provide the customer with the best possible shopping experience. You are responsible for all communications with your customer and Booked Parties is in no way responsible for anything beyond hosting your storefront on the site.

Having a “storefront” within the Booked Parties Marketplace holds you the Merchant solely responsible for all content provided. You assume any or all risks associated with all content you make available.

Receiving Orders

Merchants will receive order confirmations via email. Upon receipt of this email, please log onto the Booked Parties site to review the order. You will need to click COMPLETE as soon as you have processed the order and it has been sent to the customer.

Terms and Conditions

Merchants are responsible for creating their own “Terms and Conditions” within their individual storefront—these need to be in line with Booked Parties terms and conditions. There will be a hyperlink to Booked Parties Customers Terms and Conditions directly underneath each Merchant’s. Customers will have to check a box to accept these conditions prior to check out.

(Booked Parties will be updating Merchant Guidelines on a somewhat regular basis. These will be sent via “Announcements” within your seller dashboard. You, the Merchant are responsible for reviewing any updates.)

Customer Communications and Check Out

Booked Marketplace provides you with the tools to directly communicate with customers regarding potential transactions and custom orders. Customers can also write order notes on any transactions.

Customers have the option to shop from multiple storefronts within one transaction. This does not affect the reporting on the back end. Each merchant is responsible for applying their own shipping fees and taxes to their specific order.

Issuing Coupons

Merchants have the ability to issue coupons to customers for special offers within their storefront—free shipping, holiday specials etc. Please refer to the Merchant Handbook for details.

Shipping, Tracking

Please refer to the Booked Parties Merchant Handbook for details. Shipping is available to the US only. Please confirm all orders via email, and/or provide tracking information for the shipment if necessary.


Order cancellations are NOT permitted and are considered a return. Please refer to return policy in Merchant Handbook.

Shipping Damage

Any damages to your orders during shipping is the merchants sole responsibility and Booked Parties is in no way responsible. Merchants can issue a coupon to the customer through the site for shipping costs if necessary.

Shipping Confirmations

Valid tracking information needs to be available for customers for each purchase order immediately upon shipment.


Merchandise must be returned within a 30-day period. Merchandise must not be worn, altered or washed and must have all tags attached and be returned in its original packaging. If a customer is looking to return an item, they need to contact the Merchant to request a return. If you, the Merchant decide to move forward with the return, you need to pull up the order in your seller dashboard and request a refund (please refer to The Merchant Handbook). After the refund is requested, a Booked Parties admin will approve the refund request.

Refunds, Store Credits and Exchanges

Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. It is to the discretion of the Merchant as to whether final sale items can be returned. If packages arrive to the merchant within the 30-day time frame specified above, customers will receive a full credit for the items (this excludes shipping charges). Refunds cannot be applied to custom orders. Exchanges of damaged merchandise will be at the merchant’s discretion.

Payment Terms, Fees and Invoicing

Booked Parties provides a service where customers may purchase items from a Merchant within the Marketplace. You authorize Booked Parties to process the total amount of any sale. Booked Parties will charge the customers credit card through a third party provider, PayPal. When you make a sale through the Booked Parties website, you are charged PayPal fees of 2.9% plus a $0.30 transaction charge. In additional to the agreed upon annual subscription charge, Booked Parties also receives a 5% commission of the transaction. The Booked Parties commission is always calculated on the pre-tax shipping order total. Fee breakdowns and commission will be broken down on your sales reports and are available for viewing at any time. All sales on the Booked Marketplace are held for a set period of time in order to allow for seamless returns (30 days). Once an order passes beyond 40 days, funds are made available for withdrawal. Please refer to “Merchant Handbook” for additional information. All payments are made in US Dollars. In addition to the above, each merchant is also responsible for paying an annual fee to maintain a storefront within the marketplace.


As the point of sale, Booked Parties will be responsible for paying all sales taxes, use, or excise taxes, assessments or other liabilities chargeable by a governmental authority as a result of any services provided under this Agreement. Booked Marketplace merchants are responsible for applying the appropriate tax filter to merchandise within their stores. Failing to do so will leave the Merchant liable for any discrepancies.

Centralized Shopping Cart

Visitors to Booked Marketplace will have the option of shopping directly from your storefront or shopping by product category from the marketplace as a whole. If customers shop from multiple “storefronts” these orders will be pooled into one centralized shopping cart and order.

Competition Within the Marketplace

We have plans to grow the Booked Parties brand significantly over the next few years. As the marketplace grows, so will the competition. It is up to each “storefront” to price their items accordingly or offer shipping promotions etc.

Product Reviews

At this time, Merchants will have the ability to review and approve their individual product reviews.

Privacy Settings

Each merchant will be responsible for creating a password to access their account and will be responsible for any disclosures of the password. We reserve the right to disable the password should we believe your “storefront” has been compromised.

Your images will be saved within your own “Media Library” and are only be visible to you and Booked Parties.

Liability Limit and Acceptance of Agreement and Changes to Agreement

You the merchant are solely responsible for all matters regarding purchase orders. Booked Parties is providing you with a portal to sell your merchandise and is responsible only for processing payments, payout and processing of taxes on all orders. Booked Parties /Marketplace and our directors will in no way be liable for any damages related to your conduct in connection with the use of the site or any products you decide to offer on the website.

By signing the agreement you agree to the terms and conditions stated above.