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Lugnut Designs | Custom Car T-shirts, rompers and baby onesies

Lugnut Designs for Booked MarketPlace!

We are excited to welcome Lugnut Designs to Booked MarketPlace launching this November!

Graphic Design Artist Calla Michalski started her company Lugnut Designs in 2014. Calla had done many side projects in the graphic design field, but felt a strong calling in making customized t-shirts. Her husband is a mechanic, so she started to make fun and creative t-shirts for him to wear to work. His coworkers began to ask for her to make t-shirts them too. Her business began to expand in the automotive industry, and she went with it.

The company name “Lugnut Designs” came about because of how Calla met her husband. He was working as a Service Writer and she came in needing new tires. He tried to sell struts along with the tires, but she refused to spend the extra money. He said “well, if your not going to fix your car, you might as well go and wash it.” She listened. While washing the car, she noticed a lug nut missing, and immediately called the shop for them to fix it. He came to ‘personally’ fix it for her. Because of how they met, Calla’s friends and family adapted his nickname to be “Lugnut.” At their wedding, during her maid of honor speech, Calla’s sister explained how they met and calmly ended in saying, “You guys will forever be known as Mr. & Mrs. Lugnut!”

Jeep Hair, Don't Care Baby Romper / Onesie | Lugnut Designs  Custom Truck Birthday Tee - Kids | Lugnut Designs

Lugnut Designs now creates customized t-shirts, tank tops, baby rompers, kid’s shirts and other car-themed items for everyone in the family. Check back in with Booked MarketPlace next month for the grand unveiling! 

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