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hip-kid for Booked Marketplace


We know all of our Booked Parties kids are super cool but are they “Hip-Kids?!”

Well, we are super excited to welcome hip-kid to Booked Marketplace!!

hip-kid offers an amazing selection of stylish clothing and accessories for infants, kids and teens as well as fun, creative toys and crafts!

Carrying dozens of popular lines such as Joah Love, Chaser, PaperWings, PuraVida, Haiti Babi and Tegu, you’re sure to find the perfect gift or something special for your own hip-kid!

hip-kid’s motto is Fun, Mindful, Cool, Aware.

We talked to hip-kid’s owner, Trish Kallman, to find out more about how they can help your children look great, while helping the community!

Can you tell us about the philosophy behind hip-kid?

“hip-kid is a unique, feel-good clothing, toy and accessory boutique in Chappaqua, NY. We feature stylish, creative brands that make efforts in areas that we strive to build awareness in, such as organic materials, fair trade, charitable donations, mindful manufacturing, eco-friendly, no use of animal products and made in USA. Each brand must “check a box” in at least one of these areas.

Our goal is to raise consciousness through these amazing product lines without compromising quality and style.

hip-kid recognizes the importance of helping the community and giving back. For every purchase, our customers are given a red wooden heart to place in a jar on the “giving wall”. Each jar represents a different charity. hip-kid donates a portion of its proceeds to the featured charities at the end of the year.”

What is hip-kid’s message?

“hip-kid values being hip inside and out! To us, being hip is not just about looking cool and having cool things, it’s about being mindful, making kind choices and being a good person. To spread this message, hip-kid offers carefully selected, unique items and encourages giving back in various ways. In addition to the boutique, the “hip-kid lounge” is located in the back of the store. We host parties, classes, markets, workshops and pop-up shops for all ages. After each event and market we donate a portion of the profits to a selected charity.”

Who is hip-kid for?

Everyone! hip-kid offers great gifts for infants through teens. Your kids will love the comfy and stylish clothes, as well as the cool accessories and creative toys! You’ll love the amazing selection and the message that goes along with every purchase. Really, there’s nothing you can’t get here that your own hip-kid won’t love!


To learn more about hip-kid, please visit their website.

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