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Fox & Bramble

Have you had a chance to stop by Fox & Bramble florist?  This quaint hidden gem nestled in the heart of Pleasantville first opened Feb 14, 2015 in the form of a pop up shop and then officially opened its doors in April.  Last month, I had the opportunity to sit down with the owners, Jeff and Preeti Schreier,  the creative husband-wife team behind this amazing brand.

Where did the concept of Fox & Bramble come from?

As a child, Jeff was always fascinated with foxes and with mythical tales and stories. The famous Aesop’s fable has the title, “The fox and the bramble” where we are reminded of the true nature of things. The fox brings a whimsy and playfulness to the brand that resonated with us. While we were contemplating the daunting idea of opening a store, Jeff saw a fox in our backyard and we took it as some sort of divine intervention and made the leap.

Tell us a little about the store, when you opened and how you decided on the location.

Jeff and I both come from creative backgrounds. Jeff did his undergrad in scenic art for theatre and later got his masters in Art Therapy. Jeff’s father is a floral designer who designed for events and weddings in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio and this is where Jeff developed his love and passion for nature & gardening. After moving to New York, he worked as a prop stylist and visual display coordinator in the retail industry. While working in retail he started sourcing and curating vendors that he dreamt he could someday sell at a venue of his own.

After looking at some retail spaces in Westchester, we decided to stay in our hometown of Pleasantville because we wanted close proximity to our kids (as I commute daily to my job in the city, where I work as an associate creative director for Bloomingdale’s). We also felt passionate about being part of our own community and adding to our own downtown.



Tell us a little about your creative vision when meeting with clients. 

When meeting with clients our process tends to be organic with lots of collaboration. As artists, collectors and design geeks, we look at every event holistically, from the theme, vibe and demographic. We provide more than just floral arrangements we take the initiative to really partner with the client, discuss their inspiration and then suggest our creative vision and how we can make it happen. My background in art direction and design allows me to see the big picture and Jeff focuses on the details and stylistic aspect, logistics and budgets. We work together to decide which flowers are in season and what works well together. At times less is more, or sometimes the client wants to go all out! 

After we have had an initial meeting with the client we start to create moodboards. Sometimes they are actual swipe on boards, with other clients we go at it together on Pinterest.
That is a trend we are seeing with the millennium brides! They are social media savvy and the world is now their inspiration. We love to get on Pinterest and start to share ideas before starting to execute the vision.

The creative process is our favorite part!

Please visit Booked Parties for information on Fox & Bramble and to book them for your next event with a special discount.



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