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Five Heartwarming Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

As the east coast dips deeper into winter’s frostiest months, a warm spot is on the horizon. Valentine’s Day is designed to thaw even the coldest hearts, if only temporarily, by encouraging us to unabashedly declare love to our nearest and dearest. So, get out your red sweater, heart-shaped cookie cutter and open your arms up for a hug. The countdown to February 14th has begun and Booked Parties has five simple ways to get the entire family involved in making a big statement with small gestures
  1. Get Personal! Fashions change with the seasons, but small, heartfelt gifts hold their value. Think anything personalized with meaningful initials, dates or photos. Bigger ticket items including customized jewelry, cuff links and artwork are always impactful. DIY options such as handmade artwork, memory jars, picture frames or etching messages into candles are lovingly received and wallet-friendly. Get started by visiting your local craft shop or pottery studio – A Maze In Pottery in Briarcliff Manor is one amazing, local option!

  1. Shop Local. One doesn’t need to hunt the Parisian flea markets or bazaars of Morocco to find that special gift. The shops lining the streets of our small towns stock a well-curated selection of treasures that can’t be purchased from the big box stores. On one small section of Chappaqua, for example, Scattered Books, The King’s Scribe and Breeze offer custom gift baskets that can be filled with distinctive pieces that can’t be found in Target. What’s more is that the knowledgeable, friendly staff within these quaint shops know their customers’ preferences as well as their names.
  2. Write Love Notes. It’s said that handwritten notes are a dying art form, but there is something intrinsically intimate about a hand-scrawled letter that cannot be replicated by its computer-derived cousin. So, make like Ronald Reagan and put pen to paper. The former president wrote countless love notes to his beloved Nancy. This Valentine’s Day, put all you’ve got into just one – encourage your kids to get in on the action too!
  3. Sweets for Sweets. As Charles Schulz said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” Sometimes the sweetest gestures are actually just that – sweet. Take your favorite waffle and chocolate chip pancake recipes and pair them with a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a pink berry smoothie for a delicious Valentine’s morning breakfast. Cookies, chocolates and other confections are always delectable options or visit our new obsession, The Poppery in Mt. Kisco, to find out why their cake pops are building a cult-like following.

  1. Do Good. Spread the love as a family for a day of volunteerism. Visit your local food bank, write letters to the troops or volunteer at a local senior center. Sharing your time while showing compassion is the true language of love.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Photographs provided by: Melbourne Cookie Co, A Maze In Pottery and The Poppery

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