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Five Great Party Planning Apps

I am an old fashioned girl at heart and gravitate towards pen and paper for my calendar, notes and daily reminders.  There is a certain sense of accomplishment for me to physically cross something off my list. Since having children, however, I am always looking for ways to simplify my life on the go–and what better way than with these time saving apps.

Kids Recipes

If you are looking for ideas on what to feed your hungry party animals, choose from a selection of over 4000 easy to make recipes. This Kids Recipes app includes delicious creations for children’s birthday cakes, lunch box ideas,desserts, snacks, pasta, kids friendly drinks, vegetarian recipes for kids, low-fat recipes for kids, and recipes for chocolates, ice cream, cookies, candy, cake pops, puddings, pizza, and pies.

Paperless Post

I love sending and receiving cards in the mail, but when it comes to children’s birthday party invitations, I rely on Paperless Post for it’s online tracking capabilities.  At a glance, I can see my list of invitees, who has opened the invitation and who has not yet RSVP’d. With a large selection of fun designs you can choose from one of their free cards or pay a small per card fee instead.  Did I mention they are eco-friendly too? 


Looking to play some cool tunes at your child’s next birthday party, Songza, a US-based streaming music service creates playlists for your every need.  Children’s music playlists include, songs from animated movies, sing-alongs from favorite Disney movies, Sesame Street and much much more!


If you find yourself inundated with photos on your iPhone as I frequently am, LALALAB, (previously Pologram) allows you to prints images directly from your phone.  With a few clicks of the button you can edit and upload images and add cute notes.  Print some off for family and friends–they make for a great gift.  

Shop For Kids by TTPM

Love shopping, but prefer to do it from the comfort of home? This app makes the shopping experience that little bit easier by simplifying the experience of searching for and buying children’s products.  The app not only provides the user with access to the extensive TTPM database of thousands of expert reviews on the latest toys, baby gear, pet toys, sporting goods, children’s books, video games, and apps, but it also allows the customer to search for products, watch video reviews, view product ratings, and compare current prices at leading retailers, before proceeding with their purchase. The app also features optional notifications on sales.

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