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Easy Easter Treats for Kids – Guest Post

As a mom living in Westchester County one of the things I find myself doing most often is entertaining family and friends. And with that comes kids, lots and lots of kids. I’m always experimenting with new and fun things to do for and with my daughter and the children who visit our home. This Easter is no different.

Below are three of my favorite out of the box Easter treats to make and share with your littles (and the adults will enjoy as well)

Easter Bark

To be honest, I usually think of chocolate bark for Christmas time, but I was recently inspired by some fancy marbled Easter eggs to do a pastel and white chocolate version of bark. There are some hot elements to this dish, but also some fun places your little ones can help. All you need is some good melting chocolate (Ghiradelli from the grocery store is great), some pastel candy melts (you can get at any craft store or Amazon Prime in two days) and all the Easter sprinkles or candy your hearts desire.

Here are the simple steps to some gorgeous marbled bark:

  • Line a lipped baking sheet with wax paper
  • Melt chocolate over a double boiler (I did two layers so I melted the dark chocolate first then the white).
    If you are doing two layers of chocolate let the first get almost solid in the fridge (10-15 mins) before putting the white on top. If you let the first layer get too cold they will separate (trust me I learned the hard way).
  • As you are warming the white chocolate, put your candy melts in the microwave.-I add a small scoop of coconut oil or milk to them so they are a little bit runny and easier to swirl.  (Coconut oil does give a subtle coconut flavor).
  • Once the chocolates are spread evenly on your pan, scoop small dots of the melted candies on top of the white chocolate in clusters.  The white chocolate should still be warm at this stage.
  • Here is where the kids come in; have them take tooth picks, skewers, a fork, whatever you’ve got and start to swirl the melt drops on top of the chocolate as soon as it hits the white chocolate. Don’t over do it or it will get too muddy.
  • Then have your kids add on the sprinkles or crushed Easter candy to their liking.
  • Refrigerate until hard and then break up with a knife or just let your kids have at it. 
  • We plan to use some of the bark we made as little gifts at our Easter table. How much would Grandma or Auntie Becky love getting a bag of these that the kids helped to make?!

Peep’s S’mores

It’s finally starting to get a little warmer here in the NY/NJ/CT area, but the nights are still chilly. So what a perfect time for a bon fire and some s’mores.  (Bon fires are not just for Fall in the North East).  For those of you having guests next weekend surprise them with some Easter s’mores made with peeps after dinner. (Peeps are just marshmallows with sugar on top after all).

Just stick these little suckers on a stick and put them over the open flame. And let’s be honest the kids will get probably get a kick out of setting these little sugary chicks and bunnies on fire. The rest is as simple as smooshing them between two graham crackers and chocolate.  They are also gorgeously colorful to look at.

Bunny Frozen Yogurt

Lastly, I feel like I’d be a bad mom if I didn’t share a healthier Easter treat for the kids. These are great for breakfast and so easy to make. Use the yogurt your kids normally love to eat. For my toddler, it’s Stoneyfield baby yogurt. I chose vanilla for this recipe.

  • Cut up your kids favorite fruit. I used raspberries and blueberries.

  • Mix your fruit and yogurt together and spoon into silicon candy molds (available at any craft store or Amazon Prime)
  • Freeze them (it can be a little messy) and pop them out when done.
  • Let them thaw just a little before serving to your kid for a refreshing and healthy Easter snack or breakfast.

Hope you all have a fun Easter with whatever parties you are hosting and that the kids in your life enjoy the treats!Kate Rivera is the mompreneur behind Kate Outside The City – a website about a mama living in Westchester County-The NYC Suburbs sharing the lifestyle she’s inspired by everyday.  Follow her on Instagram at @kateoutsidethecity

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