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Cookie Cutter Fun

I am always looking for fun and unique ways to make food look more appealing to my kids. If you are trying to sneak a healthy bite into the mix, presentation can be essential, especially if you have a picky eater on your hands.  

Serving up healthy foods at birthday parties can be a challenge.  While, I am a big fan of all of the childhood staples; pizza, chicken nuggets and mac n’ cheese, there is something to be said about creating a few lighter, healthier birthday party food options too.  

Over the years, I seem to have accumulated a large number of cookie cutters of varying shapes and sizes. I dusted a few of them off and decided to put my creativity to the test.  Here are a few healthy food options I came up with.



Cucumber and cheddar cheese skewers


Add a little bit of love to a mini Bonbel cheese wheel.  Let the cheese sit at room temperature to soften the wax prior to cutting. 


Layered Nutella sandwiches with rainbow sprinkles.


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