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“Chit Chat”-With My Little Sis, Sarah

During a recent trip to visit my family in England, my sister Sarah and I spent some time looking through old family photographs, reminiscing over childhood memories and looking through photos of our birthday party celebrations growing up.  Parties looked very different all those many moons ago and included home made cakes, old fashioned party games such as pass the parcel, dead fish, the chocolate game and take home gifts being a slice of birthday cake.  

Read on to find out more about her birthday party memories–

What was your most memorable birthday celebration growing up? 

I think I must be getting old as I don’t remember.  I do remember mum making me a guitar cake-she always made amazing cakes.  I am sure we must have thought of the most complicated cake there was an have mum recreate it. 

Saz party 85

What was a typical birthday celebration for you? 

We would usually have a party at home playing lots of traditional games such as, pin the tail on the donkey, musical bumps, dead fishes etc.  It was so much fun and very relaxed!

Did you ever have any birthday celebrations at school? 

I don’t think so.  Birthday parties are a bigger business nowadays.  At my children’s school at the end of the day they hand out a cupcake or sweets out to everyone in the class.  We made these top hats for my sons class last year and they went down like a treat! 

What was your favorite or most memorable gift growing up? 

My dad bought me a bracelet. I still have it to this day and it brings back so many wonderful memories. 

How many people were typically invited to your birthday parties or was it just a family affair? 

My mum was brilliant and a great host. From looking back at photos I think just the girls from my class were invited and a few family friends.

mary-berrys-baking-bible screen-shot-2013-04-04-at-161538

Cupcakes, cake or ice cream?

Can I be greedy and say all 3 🙂 if I had to choose it would be between ice cream ( you can get so many amazing flavours nowadays :)) or chocolate fudge cake – this Mary Berry’s
cake is super easy and always tastes amazing!

Sarah Stigzelius is founder of the popular UK website LOVE LOCAL LIFE- Chiltern Chatter. 

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