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Chit Chat- Welcome Harrison Moms and The Local Moms Network!

One network and dozens of local sites are changing the way busy moms connect with their communities across the nation. The Local Moms Network, designed by moms for moms, provides a user-friendly connection to local communities and a consolidated resource for local needs. From health, fitness and fun to sports, summer camps and events, moms in our towns (and those surrounding) can now visit a curated singular site to be completely in the know.

We recently caught up with Jill Gamble of Harrison Moms, the latest of the sites to launch under The Local Moms Network.

When Jill and her husband David, moved their family to Harrison in 2016, she felt lost. “We came to Harrison for the schools and the small-town vibe but knew practically no one. Outside of the library, unless I sought out a Westchester Magazine or a native mom, I couldn’t locate any kid-friendly events, activities or things to do just for me.”

That’s when a friend, Megan Sullivan, also of The Local Moms Network, connected Jill with Layla Lisiewski of Greenwich Moms and the brainchild behind the brand. It seemed like the perfect time to get involved.

“I wanted to be able to get on my laptop or pick up the phone and know what was happening in town. Having two small children (not yet of school age) it was frustrating not being able to plug in. What parks are nearby? Reputable pediatricians? Music Classes? Gyms for me?”

“Just gathering the information for my site has helped me connect with other moms and local businesses. It has made the transition of motherhood easier, especially in a new town. So, I KNOW this is going to help lessen the load for other moms by having these resources available at their fingertips.”

Harrison Moms is a one-stop resource for “mommy information” such as kid-friendly restaurants, fun family activities, doctors and dentists, birthday parties, healthy recipes, product reviews and much, much more. We provide a comprehensive guide for our immediate area, and opportunities to connect and engage with families nearby, to learn from… and support one another!

They are also focused on helping promote local businesses, especially ones that are run by moms. If you would like to be featured on Harrison Moms or connect with Jill, please feel free to contact her.

For more on Harrison Moms, visit the links below!

Harrison Moms Website

There are 10 sites currently active around the country and growing in popularity as moms notice the need for such a valuable resource! Coming soon in our area, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, Armonk, Bedford and Chappaqua!


  • This is such a great resource, thank you for sharing. As a mom of two, I appreciate all of the content and the activity calendar. Sites like this make such a difference. Thanks again!

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