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Chit Chat With Jessica Carson of PizZaZzles

Jessica Carson, the visionary and owner of PizZaZzles, has spent the last decade concurrently pursuing professional school and caring for children. First handedly experiencing the introduction of the iPad and other similar devices into children’s lives she has witnessed how these gadgets immediately replaced traditional childhood experiences.

Growing up, Jessica remembers running tirelessly outdoors until it was time for dinner; coloring, pasting, drawing, building and loved every second of it. “Kids these days seem to drift toward the screen. Admittedly, they are intriguing. However, I bet if you offer a child a chance to create something they will roll up their sleeves and turn on their imagination switches,” exclaims Jessica.

Her frustration with the limited hands-on creative opportunities for kids inspired her to forgo her pursuits of professional school and begin the PizZaZzles adventure. PizZaZzles offers kid art parties and creativity classes at a location convenient for her clientele. Fully educated, creative, witty and right-minded, Jessica will redefine the industry and help children’s imaginations spark and their creativity resurface.

What does the name PizZaZzles mean and how did you come up with it?

PizZaZzles is a fun name to spell and say, but also marries the definition of excitement, captivation and fascination. Say it with me…Piz-ZAZ-zles!

When did you decide to officially launch your business?

I have had this idea of PizZaZzles for a very long time. I just needed the faith and confidence to forgo the social and familial expectation of pursing corporate America upon completion of graduate school. In 2016, while taking classes and concurrently working as a nanny to an amazing family in Chappaqua, Shaari Cohen, learned of my creative ways with children. She pushed me to follow my dream and booked my first 2 parties. From that point PizZaZzles has flourished into not only a dream, but my dream, of endless creative possibility.

What does a typical party entail?

We love parties! The PizZaZzles team shows up about 30 minutes before the start of the party to set the stage for all the fun. We kick off the party with high-energy and kid-friendly music by our very own DJ Spindy. Kids will have a blast playing games, participating in activities and dancing around in bubbles with all sorts of fun props. All the while, party-goers will have the opportunity to hop up into the movie star Hollywood-style chair to have whimsical face paint or super glittery sparkle tattoos applied. Afterward, the party host(ess) provides food for the kiddos while the PizZaZzles’ creativity team perfects the layout for the masterpiece art project. We then provide fun, creative and hands-on instruction for all the little budding artists. You can see all the fun we have by checking out our Facebook page

What makes your business different?

PizZaZzles is a traveling business, meaning that we bring everything to your home or venue of choice and do not have a physical location. I also spend hours personally preparing and customizing activities and materials for each event to ensure each party is unique and amazing!

What is your favorite art party activity and why?

I love anything involving paint! My favorite masterpiece activity is undoubtedly a personalized mixed media project where the kids can not only explore the magic of color, but also immerse their imaginations in embellishment AND bring home a self-made creation custom with their very own names.

To book your fun-filled event with PiZzaZzles please visit their e-brochure.  Don’t forget to mention Booked Parties for a discount on your celebration!

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