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DIY Cake Kits from Cakest

Cakest was started by two friends and moms, Judit Major and Rita Horvath in Brooklyn, New York.  For years they baked their own birthday cakes rather than buying from a bakery, but they found the experience rather frustrating-finding it difficult and time consuming to find the right ingredients, tools and tutorials. So, they set out to design a kit that would help creating an unforgettable birthday cake a fun and easy enough process for any level baker. In the last year during weekends and evenings they sampled more cake mixes and fondants that we thought was possible and went through countless trial-error baking to simplify our designs and instructions.

Cakest targets first time bakers and provides them with a complete package which includes ingredients, baking tools, cutouts and instructions with a variety of themes based on most popular cakes for boys and girls.  Novice and experienced bakers are guided through the entire process with step-by-step instructions for baking, decorating and presenting a masterpiece cake, aided by a kit that includes ingredients (gluten-free cake mix, fondant), and baking tools (cake pan, cake board, offset spatula, rolling pin, decorating tools).


“The moment a child first lays eyes on his or her birthday cake is the most exciting and memorable part of any celebration,” says Judit Major, co-owner of Cakest. “Making a birthday cake for a child is a special gift that parents put their hearts into, however the idea of baking a cake yourself can seem intimidating and stressful, especially for those who lack baking experience. With that in mind, we set out to design a kit for creating an unforgettable cake that was also fun and easy enough for any level baker — and the Cakest company was born. Our goal is to help our customers make a cake from scratch and feel proud for trying and succeeding while also having a good time.”

Horvath explains, I am not particularly handy, which turned out to be helpful when designing our cake kits, since every element of the design had to be easy enough for me to complete. If I can do it, rest assured that anyone else can too.” What’s more, each of the cake designs was further tested by first-time bakers in their homes, and all of Cakest’s step-by-step instructions were developed and revised based on the extensive feedback received from these test bakers.

Cakest’s kits are based on a moist and delicious chocolate cake mix that is free of gluten, soy, nuts and any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They also include easy-to-use, professional quality fondants that are kosher certified and free of gluten, dairy, nuts, trans fats and cholesterol. Home bakers need only add eggs, vegetable oil, powdered sugar, cream cheese, butter, and vanilla extract.

Cakest offers an assortment of cakes that are “thrilling to see, delicious to taste, and easy to create.” Each of their designs is “enjoyable to make on your own with a glass of wine, or with the help of an older child. Just relax, follow the foolproof instructions, and get ready to show off your creative and delicious accomplishment.” Cakest is excited to be part of families’ special moments and help customers create homemade memories for a lifetime.


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