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PressMini Movers and Shakers Showcase

The event, which models a science fair format, will be held on Saturday, June 1, 2019 at the newly created “hub” in the Jefferson Valley Mall, from 12pm – 3pm…

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BlogMini Movers and Shakers-Jolie Gotique

What’s better than a shopping experience that caters to both mothers and daughters? To Penny Goffman and her ten year-old daughter, Jolie Vazquez, the answer is obvious. That’s why they founded Jolie Gotique, a mobile boutique that can pop up at any location for a unique and personal shopping experience.

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Blog“Chit Chat”-With My Little Sis, Sarah

During a recent trip to visit my family in England, my sister Sarah and I spent some time looking through old family photographs, reminiscing over childhood memories and looking through photos of our birthday party celebrations growing up.

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BlogMini Movers and Shakers- InstaReady Your Room

Organization is certainly having a moment right now. Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, “Tidying Up” and the Home Edit girls’ celebrity pantry makeovers are inspiring a slew of recovering hoarders to reform their ways. For 12-year old Audrey Winter, however, an organized household has always been the norm.

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