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How to Celebrate Easter or Passover During Social Distancing

Booked Parties was recently featured in Martha Stewart -by Brigett EarleyAs our collective society practices “social distancing” in an effort to quell the spread of COVID-19, we inevitably find ourselves missing more than just another game night with friends. As time passes, we also miss out on important milestones, like birthdays and weddings, as well as holidays like

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Five Heartwarming Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

As the east coast dips deeper into winter’s frostiest months, a warm spot is on the horizon. Valentine’s Day is designed to thaw even the coldest hearts, if only temporarily, by encouraging us to unabashedly declare love to our nearest and dearest. So, get out your red sweater, heart-shaped cookie

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When Winter Holidays and Birthdays Collide

At a young age, the concept of sharing is drilled into children’s minds. Birthdays, however, are the one exception to that rule! So, naturally it can be disappointing when you have to share that one special day with someone else, but when that day happens to coincide the most celebrated

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Putting “Thanks” into Birthdays

 November is a time when the nation collectively gives thanks for all that we have, while finding opportunities to help those who are less fortunate. This practice, however, can be at odds with the egocentric occasion of birthdays, which by very definition honors “when a person was born, typically with

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The Myths & Realities of Event Planning

Like many aspects of life, event planning is experiencing a metamorphosis in today’s age of technology. With infinite inspiration accessible at our fingertips, our aspirations for even the most mundane milestones have become grander. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event or even a child’s birthday party, the bar has been

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Make It A Color War Birthday!

School is in full swing, the evenings are becoming shorter and there’s a slight chill beginning to infiltrate the air. For those families grasping onto the remnants of summer, there’s no better way to do so than by throwing a color war themed birthday party. The blue skies of September

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