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Do you feel that? Do you feel that inevitable summer heat on the back of your neck? Well, we couldn’t escape it for long, and now that the intense heat is here, that means that your child’s next birthday party should be outdoors (with pounds of sunscreen on everyone)! There is nothing like a classic backyard birthday party filled with party games and fun for the whole day, and we have chosen our top five backyard activities and games for your child and their guests to enjoy!

One outdoor party game that seems to be the popular go-to is outdoor Twister. Forget the store-bought plastic sheet, but instead use different colored spray paint, and maybe some string to get your lines straight, and then you have yourself outdoor Twister! And remember that the longer you make the lines, the more children you could have playing it!   1 twister
  1. You probably could not get anymore classic than this game of ‘Knock-Down-the-Tin-Cans’ (or whatever appropriate name you want to call it). Just stack some tin cans or plastic cups, give a child a soft foam ball, and the game is to knock down as many cups as possible! It’s a simple game, but a little competition will get the kids motivated and excited! Did we mention that you probably have all of the supplies for this game in your own home?! 2 tincan
  1. We are obsessed with this game! The element of surprise will never seem to get old for kids (or maybe anyone?). With this DIY Prize Punch Wall, you could fill the cups with toys that correlate with the theme of the party. All you need is a Styrofoam board, a hot glue gun to secure the cups, and then a little glue to stick down the tissue paper covering the opening of the cup. Make sure the toy inside isn’t too heavy, and good news about this one: if it does get extremely hot outside, you can just bring the board indoors!3 prize punch
  1. This bean-bag toss is a great way to get the little ones going for the top level, and you should have all of the supplies without needing to go to the store! Take your ladder (that’s probably covered in cobwebs in the garage – didn’t you say you were going to clean the gutters last week?) and take small pieces of paper to write the amount of points you want for each level of the ladder. For the tossing element, you could use small foam balls, or if you really want to be hands on- take some balloons and fill them with flour (this also makes a great stress ball, so you might want to hold on to these for the end of the party). There is really no need to keep track of points, because the kids will just want to get the highest rung, and probably will not care about the total amount they get (although this could also be a good math lesson too).4 beanbag toss
  1. This one is not so much a game, but more like an activity for the kids. Have stations set up at a table with glue sticks and paper strips (that are cut at bracelet appropriate lengths). Then let the kids roam free in the backyard to make their nature bracelets! When they come back , they will be able to glue the things they found onto their bracelet, and then the adult can tape it closed on their wrist. This activity is a huge win-win because the children will have some beautiful nature bracelets to take home..and your backyard will end up being weed-free! 
  2. 5 nature bracelet


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