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The apple tree in our garden is brimming with sweet green apples and my children have been begging to go pick some off the trees before they get devoured by the deer.  There is so much apple sauce a girl can make so I scoured the web for some fun, easy to make recipes.  

I love this simple way of sprucing up an apple with a little bit  of love.. and it definitely makes for a fun addition to your child’s lunch box.  I plan to put my cookie cutter collection to use this week.. and see what adorable creations I can come up with. 


The combination of apples, granola and peanut butter sounds delicious! If you are looking for a sandwich alternative as I sometimes am, these Apple Sandwiches with Granola and Peanut Butter are the way to go!! All you need for this one is Apples, Peanut or Almond butter, Granola and optional chocolate chips.


I can’t wait to make these edible apple cups.  Simply hollow the apple and fill with warm apple cider and garnishes.  


These Inside Out Caramel Slices look yummy and are the perfect spin on the traditional toffee apple. 


Everything tastes that much better when its in a mini form.  Perhaps it’s the thought that you can pop as many of these bite size treats into your mouth without feeling any guilt at all.  I can see these Mini Caramel Apple Pops making an appearance at one of my children’s birthday parties in the not too distant future. 


If you have a fussy eater on your hands, presentation can be key. I love these Fun Apple Spiders.




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